A view of the treasury after walking through the Siq. The iconic image of Petra.

Two days in Petra: A giant check off my bucket list

I’m quite behind on my posts-though I definitely plan on catching up. I skipped several posts and jumped right to this one because, well, Petra is awesome. My two days here left me with a huge smile on my face. Petra is a location that you grow up thinking about. … Continue Reading →

Mount Ararat. This view is the most beautiful part of Yerevan

A short stop in Yerevan before exploring rural Armenia

I decided to go to Armenia on a whim. Yerevan is SO close to Tbilisi, and I figured that I would always be mad if I didn’t cross the border and check out the country. Knowing that I didn’t have a lot of time to spend, I chose my destinations … Continue Reading →

Some of the scenery on the way to Signaghi

Renting a car in Georgia: Kazbegi to Signaghi

The next couple days of our Georgian road trip took us From Kazbegi to Signaghi. Signaghi is on the eastern part of Georgia, and is known as the wine region. The drive is quite long between the two towns. It took even longer for us, because we took a “scenic” … Continue Reading →

Repping Kurdistan with a Kurdish banner I bought in Southern Turkey

Renting a car in Georgia: Tbilisi to Kazbegi

Because we had five people, we decided to rent a car in Tbilisi to see the countryside. I was excited because five people would really help cut down costs, and I would get a chance to drive-always one of my favorite pastimes. Who was the fifth person in our group? … Continue Reading →

Stalin's death mask. Very creepy.

More weird tourism: A visit to Stalin’s birthplace

After our short time in Batumi, we decided to take a train to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Tbilisi would serve as the hub for the remainder of our trip in Georgia. A few hours into the train ride, Sam and I became a bit restless and wanted to get … Continue Reading →

Chris holding up the cheap jug of wine. It seems as if the best wine is always repackaged into an old water or coke bottle

Batumi: A weird introduction to the Caucasus

After exploring Ani and Anatolia, I realized that I was extremely close to Georgia. I know almost nothing about Georgia. The only things I do know I learned from my friend Arielle and her blog/Facebook page. She went there a few months ago and loved Georgia. I decided to start … Continue Reading →

A beautiful church in Ani. This was probably the best-kept structure in the abandoned city.

The ancient abandoned Armenian town of Ani

After we visited Van and the Armenian Cathederal of the Holy Cross, we wanted to see other old Armenian ruins. In the Northeast of Turkey on the Armenian border lies Ani, an old abandoned Armenian city. At its peak, Ani had a population of 100,000 to 200,000 people. In fact, … Continue Reading →

The Monestary. We were fortunate because the weather was beautiful! And not too cold!

Visiting the Armenian Cathedral of the Holy Cross on Lake Van

When I was doing my research on travel in Turkey, I saw a breathtaking picture of a monastery on a lake. This monastery is the Armenian Cathedral of the Holy Cross, and it is located on Lake Van, a huge lake in Southeast Turkey (a region also known as Kurdistan). … Continue Reading →

Loading the ferry with train cars in Tatvan

Traveling from Kayseri to Van on the Trans Asia Express

I loved Cappadocia-it was definitely one of the coolest places I have ever visited. Despite the fact that it was winter and low season, the area was still teeming with tourists. I wanted to leave the well-worn tourist trail and venture a bit out in the unknown. I wanted to … Continue Reading →

Some of the classic "chimneys" found in the area around Goreme

Cappadocia: Crazy rocks and beautiful scenery- Best. Place. Ever.

When I first booked my one way ticket to Istanbul, the immediate thought in my head was, “what is there to do in Turkey besides Istanbul?” I was quite clueless about the country as a whole, despite the fact that Turkey is in fact an incredibly well-touristed country. My Google … Continue Reading →